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What is Jeeto.Online ?

Jeeto.Online is one of the most active and engaging gaming platforms in Bangladesh. Jeeto.Online is currently hosting an exciting, user-friendly platform for hyper-casual games. Our games generally require basic skills to play but not any high-end configured phones and heavy accessories. Any individual having a smartphone can play such games. To make the competitions even more exciting, we have developed a competitive environment where users can register and win grand prizes. Prizes are distributed amongst the winners after every successful season according to the skills and achievements of the players.

Play Free Games

You have the chance to practice the event games for free and try other free games for fun.

Little to Participate

The entry fee is very small compared to the prize rewards given in the events.

Win Grand Prize

Win exclusive rewards based on your event score.

Unlimited Attempts

User gets unlimited chances to score the highest in event games.

Join the ultimate battle of the online gaming contest

Join Jeeto.Online from Anywhere!

Jeeto.Online can be found on App Store and Google Play Store in any region.
The prize event is an exclusive feature for Bangladeshi residents.
Free games can often be played for entertainment purposes.

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Our Games

Color Jump

Go Ninja!!

Shape Match

Slidey Cube

BnW Swap

Mega Event

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the entry fee get adjusted for users if the fee changes?2022-06-28T06:38:09+00:00

Absolutely not. There will be no adjustments to entry fees for events if the entry fee changes. Users cannot claim for refund/repayment if the entry fee changes.
For example, if a certain user pays 20 taka for the entry fee and the entry fee changes to 30 taka afterward. He does not have to pay an extra 10 taka for the change in fee. On the other hand, if a user pays 20 taka entry fee for another event and the entry fee changes to 10 taka, therefore he/she will not be refunded with 10 taka. Keeping the rules fair in both cases.

Can the entry fee change for ongoing events?2022-06-19T12:42:05+00:00

The entry fee can vary from time to time throughout the event season. The user has to pay the then amount entry fee.

How can I participate in the events?2022-06-19T12:41:29+00:00

Every event has a separate entry fee. The player has to pay the entry fee in full amount to enter the contest.

Can a user get a refund?2022-06-19T12:40:53+00:00

The user may get a refund only if he/she claims it through the Jeeto platform. The refund confirmation will be based upon the refund policy narrated on the Terms & Conditions of Jeeto.

What is Jeeto.Online?2022-06-19T12:31:47+00:00

Jeeto.Online is a gaming platform that offers a collection of skill-based mobile games where users can play games for free and pay to enter and compete in tournaments to win prizes.

Who are eligible to participate in this competition?2022-06-19T12:33:06+00:00

Any individual from any age group (suggested to be above 18) having a smartphone can play such games.

How many prize events will be hosted at a time? How long will the events last?2022-06-19T12:39:04+00:00

Users can experience participating in multiple prize events at a time. The number of events and the duration will vary depending on Jeeto’s decision.

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